The research conducted at our chair focuses on various problems from topic areas in environmental economics, industrial economics, as well as political economics. We apply rigorous microeconomic tools to analyze problems with a strong focus in particular on policy-relevant research questions. A major focus is on issues surrounding the problem of anthropogenic climate change from an economic perspective, but also from a political economic perspective. For example, we use game-theoretic approaches to analyze the stability of climate coalitions. One of our key results is, that large climate coalitions that achieve substantial welfare gains can be stable under mild conditions, if the dynamics of the negotiation process itself are modeled more explicitly than has been done previously in an influential strand of literature on the topic. Another focus of our research is on electoral competition, and information transmission in elections. Currently, we are excited to conduct an expert survey on carbon pricing. For further details on our research, our publications, ongoing projects etc., please click on the personal pages of the researchers at our chair (team…).

Mikroökonomie | 04.09.2019