Probabilistic Knowledge Processing



SPIRIT is a sophisticated expert system shell allowing an easy user communication. The acronym stands for Symmetrical Probabilistic Intensional Reasoning in Inference Networks in Transition. SPIRIT-Shell is a program for generating, processing and applying probabilistic SPIRIT-knowledge-bases. The construction of a knowledge base is performed in an optimal way allowing partial information about the domain, too. SPIRIT was developed in the platform-independent programming language Java and a trial version is free at your disposal.

SPIRIT-Shell is a software-package developed at our university. We are trying to add helpful features and so expanding the program. Please don't hesitate to send comments and suggestions for improvement to Prof. W. Rödder; he will transmit them to the developers team immediately.

You can download SPIRIT-Shell as Application and examine it for yourself free of charge. To run the program, a Java runtime environment is needed. If such a system is still not installed on your computer, we recommend to use the JRE [ext] from Sun, which is also free available.

Please go to our download page [ext] now!

Development Team

Project Management and Research

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Rödder

Specialized Research on Theoretical Topics

Dr. Carl Heinz Meyer • Basic Algorithms
Dr. Friedhelm Kulmann • Information Theory and Related Topics
Dr. Andreas Dellnitz • Social Network Analysis
Prof. Dr. Elmar Reucher • Utility and Decision Analysis
Prof. Dr. André Ahuja • Riskmanagement
Longgui Xu (Prof. VR China) • Consistency Analysis

System Developement

Dr. Holger Knublauch [ext] • System Programming
Dr. Carl Heinz Meyer • System Conception

Applications' Specialist

Dr. Friedhelm Kulmann [mailto]

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Knowledge Processing

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