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PD Dr. Markus Deimann

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Development of the last years have shown that societal changes bring new determining factors and place altered demands on people – also within the realm of learning and education. In particular, the possibilities introduced through New Media contribute significantly to this development: from a service society to an information society.

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As a consequence of the pervasive process of digitalization (language, text, video, audio, telecommunication, entertainment electronics and computer technology), New Media now play a major role both in professional and in private life. The term New Media not only includes the Web 2.0 and social media with their educational possibilities, but also mobile devices as well as online and multimedia learning. Lately, concepts like Gamification, MOOC’s, and Open Educational Resources are discussed widely in terms of their potential to make learning and teaching more effective and more democratic.

Modern instructional design deals with exactly these kind of new determining factors and demands within the sector of learning and education. These call for competence-orientation and self-directed learning alongside media and technology that reflects these demands in its design.

In our scholarly activities of teaching and research we try to build on these developments and changes. On the following pages you can find out more about the activities at the Department of Instructional Technology and Media. You will find important information about our Department, the topics “Academic Studies, Teaching and Graduation” as well as about our research activities.


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Secretary's Office

PD Dr. Markus Deimann (Chair Holder by proxy)
Phone: +49 2331 987-2812
Mail: mediendidaktik

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