M. Kulas. A rewriting Prolog semantics. In M. Leuschel, A. Podelski, R. Ramakrishnan C. and U. Ultes-Nitsche, editors, Proc. of the CL'2000 Workshop on Verification and Computational Logic (VCL'2000), London, 2000. Southampton University Tech. Report DSSE-TR-2000-6, http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~mal/vcl2000.html.


We introduce a lean and intuitive operational semantics of a characteristic subset of Standard Prolog (the whole logic and control, database updates and solution collecting). The Prolog computation is modelled as conditional rewriting of derivation states. Due to a novel linear representation of the Prolog tree traversal, our approach is especially suitable for modelling the control flow. The semantics is fully operational and implemented in Prolog.

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