C. Beierle. Formal design of an abstract machine for constraint logic programming.
In B. Pehrson and I. Simon, editors, Technology and Foundations - Proceedings of the IFIP Congress 94, volume 1, pages 377-382. Elsevier / North Holland, Amsterdam, 1994.


By studying properties of CLP over an unspecified constraint domain X one obtains general results applicable to all instances of CLP(X). The purpose of this paper is to study a general implementation scheme for CLP(X) by designing a generic extension WAM(X) of the WAM and a corresponding generic compilation scheme of CLP(X) programs to WAM(X) code which is based on Boerger and Rosenzweig's WAM specification and correctness proof. Thus, using the evolving algebra specification method, we obtain not only a formal description of our WAM(X) scheme, but also a mathematical correctness proof for the design.

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